Live RichlyYoungYou Organix: How to Lose Weight Fast

It’s true that taking a long-term approach to weight loss is important. But sometimes you want to lose weight fast. Here are some quick weight loss tips that anyone can use.

The fantastic thing about these tips is that you can add as many or as few as you want. The more you do, the more you’ll help your body shed weight quickly, but the only one we absolutely recommend you follow is the first tip!

How to Lose Weight Fast with E-Z Detox Tea

E-Z Detox Tea is a diet tea that has a delicious berry flavor and works to cleanse your body, increase digestion and metabolism, and lose weight. This tea is made in Israel from an exclusive blend of natural ingredients that work as a gentle laxative while suppressing your appetite. As a weight loss tip, it doesn’t get easier than ‘go enjoy a cup of tea’!

E-Z Detox Tea is convenient, portable, and can be used once or twice a day. It’s a weight loss solution that is subtle enough to bring with you anywhere. Even if you have a busy schedule or travel frequently, you can bring a few tea bags along with you for an on-the-go boost to your weight loss routine.

How to Lose Weight Fast: Quick Workouts

There’s good news on the exercise front when you want to lose weight fast! Short, intense workouts give you great results—you don’t need to devote hours a day to working out. Two options are resistance training and HIIT (High-intensity interval training).

Resistance training includes things like weight lifting with free weights or weight machines. There’s a reason that celebrity trainers get their clients to do such heavy lifting—it works! This is a time where bigger is definitely better so stack up to those weights! Resistance exercises help you tone your muscles, lose carbohydrate stores, and drop water weight. HIIT exercise involves quick, intense bursts of exercise with short breaks in between. You get great results from your workouts in a shorter amount of time.

How to Lose Weight Fast: Eat the Best Food!

When you need to lose weight fast, everything you put in your mouth makes a difference. So when you eat, make it count. Choose whole foods that are high in flavor and low in carbohydrates. A great weight loss tip is to eat things that are as close to their natural form as possible. Most vegetables are low in carbs and are as natural as you can get!

Decrease the amount of food you eat while increasing the thought you put into each bite. Slow down and make the times you eat special. Don’t zone out with TV, your computer, or your phone. This will help you be conscious of everything you’re eating.

A great weight loss tip is to turn off all screens every time you want to eat. Mindless eating is the curse of fast weight loss, so don’t let yourself get tricked into high-calorie time in front of the TV. For many people, evenings are the time when they crave sweets and junk food. Having a cup of E-Z Detox Tea during this time will help suppress your appetite and minimize those cravings.

Soft drinks, alcohol, and even juice can get in the way of fast weight loss. Avoid drinking your calories. Stick to water, tea, or coffee, and get used to drinking your tea and coffee without sugar.

How to Lose Weight Fast: Be Good to Yourself

We want to help you reach your weight loss goals. But we also want you to feel great about yourself every day, not just when the scale says so. Pay attention to the things you tell yourself during the day. When you notice negative self-talk, stop yourself, and replace that talk with good things. Even when you’re not feeling the greatest, the thoughts you choose can make things better. Something as simple as looking at your reflection and saying “I love myself” every time you pass a mirror or window can start to sink in and help you feel great.

Stay away from people that drag you down. Spend time with happy people that see the good in you and make you feel great about yourself. While this isn’t exactly a weight loss tip, it’s a big part of feeling good every day, and we’d be remiss not to mention it.

Whether you’re getting ready for a big day, or just need a quick weight-loss pick-me-up, these weight loss tips can help you lose weight fast. Definitely, enjoy a cup or two of E-Z Detox Tea every day. Get those workouts started and done with resistance training or HIIT workouts. Slowly eat low carb, natural foods and enjoy every little bite. And be good to yourself every day!

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